Madan Chauhan

Financial Advisor

We GIVE SINCERE ADVICE - We don't tell you what I think you want to hear. What possible value can we add if we mimic your thoughts?

We GIVE HONEST ADVICE - We don't choose a path of least resistance.


Trust Takes TIME

Achieving your goals and reaching financial security depends on the successful management of your investments. We believe successful management is characterized by expertise, honesty, and a commitment of time.

With over 18 years of experience, we approach our client’s individual needs with a high degree of professionalism and care.

We recognize each investor’s needs as being unique and deserving of personal planning and attention. We invite you to call and learn about our services.

The Chauhan Team can be heard on the Geetmala Radio, on CHIN 100.7 FM, every Thursday 8 to 8:30 pm. To Listen Online, click here and select the FM100.7 button.

We take on new clients selectively. Clients must meet our strict criteria.

For those who might not be happy with your present financial advisor situation or even if you want that second opinion then my commitment is something you might want to consider. Our investment philosophy is designed to protect your assets in any kind of economy. We are naturally conservative investors with an emphasis on downside protection.

In some measure we are responsible for your Well-being and it is not a responsibility we take lightly.


Insurance products available through Madan Chauhan.