Income Replacement (Disability) Insurance

The ability to earn an income is the single, most valuable asset of any individual during their working years. Yet, income replacement insurance is often overlooked in many Canadians financial plans.

Some people may completely ignore the financial devastation that would result from a disabling injury or sickness. Others may assume that traditional safety nets such as group/government benefits or personal savings will be enough to see them through. However, individual income replacement insurance is the only reliable source of income that can be counted on during a period of complete uncertainty.

Wide ranges of income replacement products are available for professionals, business owners, executives, part-time and home based workers. These clients may have no other source of income, or they may be replacing or supplementing group or association coverage with a more comprehensive, portable individual plan.

Determining which plan to offer your client can be difficult, and it can be even harder to explain the differences between individual and group plans. This section contains all the information you need to help your client make an informed decision about the type of coverage that best suits their needs.

Securing your Family's Future

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